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Singing is such a personal thing...

My personal philosophy is that everyone
can learn to sing better. ~Sally Mote-Yaffe


Sally Mote-Yaffe  I am Sally Mote-Yaffe

"You think you can't sing? I want to help you reveal your true voice."

Sally's personal philosophy is that every one can learn to sing better. In her voice studio in Livermore, CA she has personal experience that has shown that improvement can happen in singing with body awareness, breath work and relaxation. Singing is an athletic endeavor and requires coordination of the whole body from breathing to phonation to resonation. As in every athletic endeavor some people will be more gifted than others. However, with motivation and practice, improvement can be made at any time and at any age. It is Sally's strong belief that people should feel very safe when they sing. Singing is such a personal thing, and people need to feel safe both physically and emotionally while they are developing their true voice. It is important to Sally that her students build confidence in their abilities to create sound whether it is in a group situation or as individuals.

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